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This style is in contrast to the collaborating style, which is interested in long term and long lasting relationship and looks for solutions to meet the needs of all parties involved.

The avoiding style is low in concern for self and is escapism to conflict.

Solution-oriented or integrating strategies manage conflict both by searching for cooperation, integrative solutions and by making compromises.

Control, or dominating, strategies manage conflict by arguing persistently for their positions and using nonverbal messages to emphasize demands.

However compared to Thomas and Kilmann model, Putnam and Wilson's (1982) divide the conflict management style model into three factors namely the non-confrontation (obliging), solution-oriented (integrating) and control (dominating).

Putnam and Wilson (1982) state that non-confrontation or obliging strategies manage conflict indirectly, by simply avoiding disagreements or by minimizing controversial issues.

Rahim and Bonoma (1979) differentiated the styles of resolving interpersonal conflict on two basic dimensions: concern for self and concern for others.

This style normally occurs when a party is neither interested in his own goals nor interested in maintaining relationship; he simply withdraws and does not want to deal with the conflict.

The accommodating style deals with sacrificing of self-interests to satisfy the needs of others to resolve the conflict.

This research follows Thomas' and Kilmann (1974) model, which is organized around two dimensions cooperativeness and assertiveness.

Combinations of these dimensions lead to five modes of handling conflict: Be it an avoiding style, withdrawing, or non-confrontation, this style is characterized with low concern for self (assertiveness )and low concern (cooperativeness) for to others, in other words this style wants to emphasize that it is neither assertive nor cooperative and usually stay away from issues which are linked to a conflict.

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When the researchers compared pairs that produced infants with those that didn't, they found that females conceived with sires that were less similar to them than the average male.

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