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That "Miracle On Ice" thing was the worst day of my life. I enjoyed "Saved By the Bell: The College Years." I live in the city and drive an SUV. I can't survive without caffeine in my system at all times. I visit Vegas more times a year then I visit any of my aunts or uncles, and they all live within 30 minutes of me. So even I wrote a letter, why Anna should care, In hopes after reading it she'd soon be here.

Alexander Popov is better than Mark Spitz on his best day. My hobbies include gambling, strip clubs, and watching Sports Center. In my eight years of driving, I have been pulled over at least 15 times and ticketed nine times. I subscribe to Maxim, Playboy, and ESPN The Magazine, and take every word in them as gospel. As I went to sleep, that night in my bed, I had visions of Anna and I dancing 'round in my head.

In summary, date me, Anna, and learn the true meaning of 40-Love. Never having played hockey, I will never take a swing at Anna (she may, however, rough me up as much as she likes). A Google search on "Anna Kournikova" returns 410,000 matches.

Not being a Latin pop star, I will not have to split my time between her and filming homoerotic Doritos commercials. Fans used to say, "She could be the best;" Now all the guys chant, "Whoa, look at that chest! A Google search on me returns "You're about as inconsequential as they come." This could continue, I argue, ad infinitum. If ever there has been a more glaring pair of two "star-crossed" lovers, I challenge anyone to prove it.

I am reasonably attractive, somewhat humorous and have a decent butt. Scientists are completely aware of this problem, but they have no idea what to do about it. If Anna were to agree to go out with me, hell would surely freeze over effectively counteracting the ramifications of global warming and the planet would be saved! A few years back, I awoke to a cold and blistery morning on my college campus.

Now for the most important reason: I am 38, separated and have four children. Instead I'm alone, watching "It's A Wonderful Life," and sitting here writing this. I was going to Texas Christian University and preparing for the long drive back to Denver for Thanksgiving.

We read through them all, and you had us laughing, crying ... So, without further ado, it's time to announce the lucky readers who have won a copy of Anna Kournikova's 2003 Swimsuit Calendar.

When Page 2 opened up the mailbag, offering its readers the chance to "Win a Date with Anna," we were beseiged with more than 7,500 responses.

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Next, tell her to call back if she has any questions (this is the point where you give her my phone number because I thought of the idea). Wouldn't have to change initials on monogrammed towels if you end up marrying him. Imagine ESPN personalities trying to find an nickname for Kournikova-Kowalewski relationship. This shirt has been embraced as the official shirt of my tennis team and has served as an endless repository of inspiration and motivation.

This could be seen as a disadvantage but, on the contrary. I waited until the Cubs' 124th game before using the phrase "next year." I even watched a WNBA game in its entirety. George Bailey is just about to jump off the bridge. As I turned on my radio after taking a shower, a news alert sounded. The ice storm knocked out all of the cable dishes so television was no option.

I could show Anna how scary a long-term relationship can be. After all, "It could be me." Rick Molnar Katy, Texas And as odd as it might seem to the 5-year-old in line behind me, it's even more awkward for me, a 27-year-old, to have to sit on Santa's lap year in and year out asking for one magical evening with the princess of professional tennis. But I fear it will all be for naught, as Jolly Ol' Saint Nick won't come through. I cannot handle the stress of work and the 180 my life has turned since I graduated from college. While I sit here and 70 percent of my paycheck goes to student loans, and the rest toward my credit-card debt, Anna is the only one who can relax me. Everyday, my athletic ability is dwindling away, and the only way to secure my seed is passed can only be through a model/tennis star. I have honestly peaked, as my hairline gets larger and the bags under my eyes get bigger. If I ever considered jumping off a bridge (not that I would), I'd want my guardian angel to be Anna (instead of that old Clarence guy -- he's not quite as inspiring.) Nothing in this world or of the heavens could convince me more that life is worth living than seeing the beautiful Anna standing before me ? "An ice storm moved in leaving cars stranded from Amarillo to Fort Worth." I dropped my razor knowing immediately that I would be stranded in an empty fraternity house with no way to get home. I quietly heated up my Hungry Man turkey dinner and sat down in a quiet, empty room when suddenly -- I saw gleaming out of the corner of my eye, the Anna Kornikova tennis video laying in our Fraternity Chapter Room.

This action would probably keep her single for at least another 10 years or so. To have 5 million guys thinking, "Hey, it could be me." It would really be a duty to all mankind. So I turn to you, ESPN, for help in making this Christmas one to remember. Being a soulmate for someone like Anna is a tall order. I cannot handle the working world without her in my life. Anna is the only one who can make my life complete with one date. Scott Kruitbosch Stratford, Conn I posed this question to my beautiful wife. Some poor sole unknowingly left it and undoubtly spent hours searching for it before leaving for home. Carefully I knelt down, picked up the sacred cassette and loaded it into the VCR. Dear Gemini Off the tennis court, when camera aren't flashing and fans aren't scuffling over a towel which you had victoriously flung aside, who is this person ... Is it possible that there are more to you than just a perfect athletic physique or that exquisite angelic exterior which glamorizes magazine covers all over large cities and even in small unknown villages of poor countries?

That would enable all males to think that they still have a chance with her. Choose me, Anna, for all the kids out there that still believe in Christmas miracles! However, I feel that I have certain traits that would make me stand out from the crowd like a sports bra billboard at Wembley. Surprisingly, Chip tends to be attracted to flawless Russian blondes with stellar bodies and minimal brain activity. Please understand that this date isn't just for me, but for everybody who came out of their respective college and started a career with no light at the end of the tunnel. "Dear, why should Anna Kournikova, the only woman, next to you, who makes my knees buckle, the only fantasy I've ever truly wished for outside of the wonderful 14 years we've spent together, why should she go out on a date with me? " follows but only chumps care what the masses think. All of a sudden, like a bolt of lightening, I see Anna appear out of nowhere, playing the game she invented -- tennis (yes, she invented tennis for many men across the country). I feel that it's a travesty that personal appearance isn't somehow factored into tennis rankings. For the record, I didn't actually sleep with the prostitute that tried to pick me up when I visited Russia as a high school senior. I'm willing to let The Sports Guy sit near me and tell me what to say (a la Cyrano De Bergerac). And is there a personal "you" who longs for sanctuary with a trusted soul? I postulate then, is there a stronger attraction than Anna and I?

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Collectively, we spend huge sums of money on matchmaking, not to mention all the time and substantial emotional investment. Given that we usually rate products (like refrigerators) and services (like banking), this is new and fairly unusual territory for us.

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Advisers Since Fatmi is mentioned, there were too many PM's political secretary running in the general election thus there was concern during the election as to who is assisting Najib.

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