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It may be called something else, like “smart casual” or “relaxed business attire,” but it all boils down to the same idea general range: anything from dark, neat jeans at the most casual end to wool slacks and blazers at the dressiest end, and collared shirts at pretty much all levels.You have a lot of flexibility in a business casual setting. Vary your outfits, so that you’re not wearing the same “uniform” to work every day.Find the accents that work for you and start building a collection: At this point you’ve got the outline of a pretty comprehensive wardrobe.You don’t need to own every single item that we listed — but owning most of them won’t hurt. Fortunately, it’s a skill you can master pretty quickly.The same guy in the same jeans and T-shirt with a pair of dark leather work shoes is a style icon.

The guy who always wears suspenders, even with a belt. And, less unique but equally unvaried, there’s always the guy who just wears jeans and a non-descript shirt and sneakers whenever he’s not required to dress up. The quickest way to impress people with your look is to vary it.

Not all men are going to end up in a job that requires these. But if you are a man of the suit-wearing class, don’t be one of the ones in the same two off-the-rack suits from Men’s Wearhouse.

At the point where you’re wearing a suit multiple days each week, go ahead and save up to get two or three nice, tailored ones.

Just think about the standards or dress code (if any) of the setting you’re planning for, and then about the look you want to project.

If you’ve climbed your way into a position of some respect or authority in your work life, it may be time to break out the business suits.

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