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The ancient Roman city of Ostia was in antiquity situated at the mouth of the river Tiber, some 30 kilometres to the west of Rome.

The shoreline moved seawards, due to silting, from the Middle Ages until the 19th century.

This abrupt shifting to the south (2nd phase) has probably occurred in the seventh or eighth century B. According to ancient tradition (authors such as Ennius, Livius, Cicero and Dionysius of Halicarnassus) Ostia was founded by the fourth king of Rome, Ancus Marcius, who was thought to have ruled in the late seventh century BC. So far no archaeological remains have been found in or near Ostia dating from this period.

If a settlement existed, then it must have been a small outpost, not even a village.

On the plan it is also called Via Laurentina, a road leading to the south-east to the village Laurentum. The rectangle is a military fortress that was built later, probably in the early third century (see below). The oldest settlement that has been found is the so-called Castrum.

To the south of the fortress the old road continues ("southern stretch of the Cardo"). It was a rectangular, military fortress (194 x 125.7 metres), with walls of large tufa blocks.

The oldest pottery from the Castrum has been dated to the period 380-340 BC. According to Filippo Coarelli the fortress is as old as the late fifth century BC, in view of the origin of the tufa (from Fidenae).

According to Archer Martin it has to be dated to 300-275 BC, because pottery found next to the foundation of the walls belongs to that period.

- The cuspate delta advanced seaward very quickly, at an estimated progradation rate of 5-6 metres per year, so that by the fifth to fourth century BC it was almost fully developed.

The existence of the settlement is likely, because Livius mentions Ostia twice in his accounts of the fifth century.

Livy mentions floods of the Tiber in 414 and 363 BC (AUC 4.49.2-3 and 7.3.2).

Historical events indicate, that the Castrum must have been built between 396 and 267 BC.

Most modern historians have suggested that it was erected in either 349/8 or 338 BC, a period when Rome had to battle pirates and was at war with its neighbours.

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