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Due to high unemployment rates, many young people from Nigeria find this an easy way to make quick money.

It should be noted however thatthis type of activity is not unique to Nigeria or Nigerians.

Elizabeth Grace “A Classy Lady” [email protected] 41.2 – stolen image They are what they are.

The letter promising the unsuspecting internet user millions of dollars is usually sent by email today to massive spam email address lists circulated in the scammer community.

Most of thsee individuals send the Nigerian 419 scam letters by email as it is the easiest way to reach huge audiences, with an email costing next to nothing.

Typically emails are sent to thousands or millions of email addresses depending on the email list available to the Nigerian 419 scammer.

Since free email addresses are used for sending the scam emails, it is difficult for spam filtering services to block the domain name, as it would cause hardship to all other free account holders.

This is a clear cut case of abuse of email, but the most drastic action that can be taken against the email sender is shutting down the account. Romance Scams Now™ is the world's leading private anti-scams organization. It's founder was involved in combating online fraud since 1991.

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Bogus and they need to be prosecuted for fraudulent claims. Two months ago I receive an e mail from days Loan-com They were offering loans- I filled up online application for the loan putting there all my personal information including my SSN and where I work- From the next day I started receiving tens of calls per day from the lenders and companies who are offering loans- All of them knew all my data including SSN- After few days I receive a call from the fake lawyer stating that there is a low sue against me for some not returned loan in the past months- I knew that that is not possible because I did not take any loan in the past period- I went online and checked the number and I find out from the people statements that this is a fake lawyer- I informed the police also- I did put alert in my bank for possible victim of identity theft- I will also put alert on my credit agencies- And today They called me from this number- So that is why I am here- What I think is they are a group of criminals calling from India, Pakistan and itc, using US online numbers- They are calling from different numbers- The people stating that they are asking for money to be send by Western Union- Do not send money, make sure you check your credit all the time- Put an alerts in all banks , credit agencies- Also I will put an alert to Social Security in case they sell my SSN to somebody and somebody else work on my social in the future- I am sure that they got all my personal data from my loan application on days Loan-com Source One, Inc- W- Main Street Suite Boise, ID United States, Company Profile Source One is a strategic technology partner to progressive companies and organizations, providing enterprise solutions that help you navigate the world of convergence- We offer one source for seamless, high-value voice and data products that enhance information management- We help you use technology to communicate - your way Selling car on Craigslist- This person responded with offer almost identical to other popular scams- They will pay full price, sight unseen and pay me if I will give them my Paypal information- Will send agent to pickup car for shipping- Claims to be in Army but didn't even know base where he claims to be stationed is actually a Marine base- Just another loser trying to rob honest people imho Scam company called Cedar Publishing - they have many magazines but the one that they are harassing our company for is Alberta Paramedics Magazine- We did not agree to advertise with them- They are using snippets of recorded conversations to "prove" that you agreed to advertise but will not provide full disclosure of the conversation- They are possibly doctoring the recordings- Our company is being harassed for payment of a bill for advertising, that we did not agree to- We have complained to the BBB (they have a F- rating), and the Competition Bureau (,)- We have also contacted the Edmonton Police Fraud department- We are currently drafting a letter through our lawyer to stop the harassment and are demanding full disclosure of all conversations between our companies (digital, unedited and date stamped copies of all recordings)- I would suggest that when they call you, put on them on hold and continue with your work- They are not worth getting too worked up about-Other phone numbers for this company are , and , (there is a large thread on this site referencing the last phone number)DO NOT CALL THAT NUMBER BACK) The call was from a scammer, trying to entice you to send money) If you return the call, it will cost you money (Keep reading)) The (Jamaica) prefix is VERY frequently used by scammers, and WILL cost you money if you call it back and don't have free international calling-Some area codes are not toll-free numbers and calls from any other area code are billed at international long distance rates-Some curious people return the call and will immediately be charged - for an international call fee and an additional -per-minute charge, according to a news release from the BBB-Here is a list of some area codes that will be billed as international calls: Bahamas Barbados Anguilla Antigua British Virgin Islands Cayman Islands Bermuda Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique Turks and Caicos Montserrat St Lucia Dominica St- Vincent & Grenadines, , Dominican Republic Trinidad and Tobago St- Kitts & Nevis Jamaica More info:www-consumerfraudreporting-org Phone_Foreign Area Code Scams-phpwww-consumer-ftc-gov articles -jam , ng-us-consumerswww-forbes-com sites josephsteinberg , des-its-a-scam Identical to the call I registered here on March - Reported them again-Latest in a long line of robocalls on the same subject- Recorded female voice calling "pertaining to your current electric bill- Due to recent state deregulation you are eligible to receive a discount on your electric bill- Press to be transferred to find out which discount you are eligible for- Press to be transferred to one of our friendly representatives-" Caller ID read only - Reported these violations (recorded call; calling a number on the DNC list) to the feds at complaints-donotcall-gov complaint complaintcheck-aspx You and half the people in the US- Its a scam- The scammer is using a robo-dialer to call every number in the US- This thread notes-com forum ta-daf- , t-buy-gift-cardhas over posts, people like you who got the e-mail and people like me telling them it?

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But before you jump to any of your preconceived conclusions, it was not a product of neglect.

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In a matter of a couple of years though, Irina Shayk started working in Europe and in the USA at the same time, which somehow allowed her to improve her English and start making a name out of herself.