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NEWS 1: It was a long day but as the participants including Mayor Cianci let the courthouse, they knew there would be many more long days ahead.

NEWS 2: So on Monday, the next witness will be Christopher Ise, he’s the man who admitted paying a 00 bribe to get his job at City Hall.

And he said, would it surprise you to know been there 780 times in the last four years. Because obviously Egbert was trying to make the argument that Ead lost money at the casino and that’s where the money went, it didn’t go to Buddy.

ZAC: This became the central question in the trial: did the money actually make it into Buddy’s hands?

And the jury — I always like to watch the jury and they’re kind of staring at Buddy without any sympathy in their eyes. The law was originally designed to prosecute mob bosses who kept their hands clean by sitting back and ordering hits from afar. I’ll probably end up giving up smoking ‘cause you can’t smoke in the buildings – you can smoke outside the building.

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STANTON: It was like one of these thrillers where there’s all these perils of Pauline moments where the hero looks like he’s about to go over the cliff or the waterfall. And they’d have these burly tow truck drivers talking about how they would pay them bribes. Or this million dollar lease was going from the school department to this convicted felon. But I mean if they start saying about you, what do I, just play stupid. PHONE ANTONSON: No, but I’m saying, you know what I mean. Middle of this trial and Providence has a very vibrant gay community. the Providence Police brought down a contingent of people – [Phone rings] NEWS: Hummel. BUDDY: The first verdict that came down was guilty, it was on the conspiracy. They were struck by how many city officials didn’t seem qualified to be city officials. It cuts the way of, well you can’t believe these guys as witnesses against the mayor versus. After seven weeks of testimony in the trial of the United States of America vs Vincent A. And there was a weekend in the middle of the deliberations, it was a Saturday night and the Providence Gay Pride parade was being held. And he was the Grand Marshal and he was being driven in a convertible by a drag queen named Bebe, and I went out and said, I gotta capture this scene. NEWS: We are understanding now that the jury has reached a verdict in this case that is what we’re being told and just within the last couple of minutes there has been a flurry of activity down here on Kennedy Plaza. Count one, Mayor Cianci guilty on the conspiracy charge. Um, I was looking at the lawyer and I was going to say something, he say shh! And so the disheartening part was to hear every single other verdict not guilty… ZAC: Buddy wasn’t convicted of taking money from guys like David Ead and he wasn’t convicted of extorting a membership to the University Club. STANTON: The overall weight of the case – seven weeks – is that jurors were struck at how many city officials were coming to the witness stand with deals of immunity. They made hundreds of tapes, capturing city officials accepting bribes. STANTON: I mean you had New York Times front page, New Yorker magazine. And I just remember this breathless TV reporter sticks a microphone in Buddy’s face. Opponents protested government corruption while supporters passed out t-shirts and bumper stickers that said “Free Buddy.” NEWS: The Plunderdome trial is well underway. [DRUMS] MARC SMERLING: In the last episode, we told you about Operation Plunder Dome — an FBI agent and an air-conditioning contractor went undercover to investigate Providence City Hall. He covered Buddy for years and was there when the Plunder Dome trial began. LAUER: Conspiracy, extortion, mail fraud, witness tampering BUDDY: Not guilty. ZAC: Outside the courthouse people lined up to see the mayor on trial.

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Once he does he will do his extreme best at working hard in keeping it.

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