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My top two favourite roles of his would have to be both Spike Spiegel and Starscream, I usually can't pick between which of the two I prefer more because they're both pretty iconic to me. Yeah it just shows much I love and respect his work. It was cool he also voiced Bonecrusher and Defensor in Transformers: Devastation. You are the most iconic anime cartoon voice actor out there, and thanks for giving us Wolverine, T. M., Flamedramon, Raidramon, Magnamon, Guilmon, Gallantmon, Killer Croc, Falcomon, Green Goblin, Roger Smith, Jamie, Ohnoki, Ao, Jack Cayman, Black War Greymon, Spike Spiegel, J. Shibayama, Starscream, Mugen, Zabuza, Orochimaru, Vincent Valentine, Vilgax, Heatblast, Ghostfreak, Rioichi Cooper, And Amon. It's just that Wolverine and Spike are more iconic and representative of Steve's general character type.

Flamdramon/Raidramon/Blackwargraymon (Digimon Adventure 02) 23. It's also not hard to see why he has so many credits, he does everything from anime to cartoons and video games excelling at all three. It was cool hearing him in another ongoing anime last year, even if it was just him reprising his role as Kyohei Kadota in Durarara!! He got to voice three new characters but none of them actually spoke at all. Still I'm hoping he gets another opportunity to voice Starscream in the future, whether it'd be in RID or another other game or movie of some kind. M., Zabuza, Shin, Wolverine, Spike, Mugen, Orochimaru and Amon. Though I definitely give Heatblast, Killer Croc and Penguin credit for being outside of Blum's usual [email protected] Master08X I understand that his Starscream is held in relatively high regard.

I think that's the biggest challenge of any acting job. I've heard rumours Starscream is returning in the next season and I hope it's true. He's a great guy and a terrific actor and I'm tired of seeing this kind of stuff being said about him.

No matter how good the character looks or what kind of cool or quirky voice I develop for him (or her), if you guys don't buy the lines coming of the mouth, nothing else matters." Happy Belated B-Day Spike, Gale, Zegram, Lord Darcia III, Amon, Green Goblin, Wolverine, Roger Smith, Yukiatsu Ryudo, The Laughing Man, Alex Cunningham, Moses, Commander Smytus, and so much more! I know this is one day late, but Happy Birthday Steve Blum!!! (Nothing personal towards Lordof Evil96.) Steve even had someone talking crap to him on twitter basically saying how they hated his voice and that everything he did sounded like crap and he didn't deserve all the work he got! Someone was enough of an jerk to insult him to him directly on twitter! *high 5*@Psychic Voice Spy I did the exact same thing when I learned that he voiced some of the Rebels from Star Wars Battlefront II: I played as the faction just to hear and pick out his voices, even though I seldom play as the Rebels.

), Grunt, Jack Cayman, Killer Croc, loads of anime stuff I'm forgetting. I admit that a lot of his characters sound the same, and I'm not even a big fan of a lot of his characters to begin with.

Had it not been for his renditions of Spike Spiegel, Wolverine/Logan, Orochimaru, and T. M., I personally wouldn't have discovered the figure. I for one highly enjoy picking his voice out in a game.

(On voice acting) "I feel very fortunate because I love what I do for a living. Every session I go to, I get to become someone else. Hey, it may not be Ghandi, but it's nice to know that some folks will enjoy this stuff for generations to come." (Most challenging part of voice acting.) "Making the characters believable. It was cool hearing him also double as the Mini-Con Aerobolt who had a pitch shifted deep voice but it worked rather well. I may not enjoy everything he does but I'm tired of talented hardworking actors who deserve respect being chewed out for something that's out of their control.

I'm working with some of the most talented people on the planet. I feel like I found a way to leave my humble mark on the world. (Unrelated, I think he'd definitely make a great Solid Snake if they wanted to shake up that role at all) HBD SJB. ) It was great hearing him as Starscream again in the previous RID mini-series, just fantastic as ever. He can blow your mind, the directors just need to give him better direction and let [email protected] Vengeance Knight I admire the man and his talent.

Jake Martinez (Tiger & Bunny)It might not show it off here, but Steve does a really GREAT impression of Goofy.

Sometimes it's fun to pick him out in a game and other times it can get a little grating..." I completely understand this.

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Some traditional associations with Taurus: Countries: Switzerland, Greek islands, Ireland, Cyprus, Iran.

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The airport is located close to the city centre and taxis, limos and regular buses are available for transfers into the city.

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Now: We finished ours with a chocolate whipped cream so the whole pie can be made up to one day ahead.

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Säger din magkänsla dig att du har hittat rätt och att han verkar vara riktigt intresserad av dig – njut då av varandras sällskap och var lyckliga över att ni har hittat kärleken!

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