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(check below graph – Club Mahindra Yearly Membership Unutilised) I don’t think I again have to tell you that Club Mahindra charges Annual Subscription Fees (ASF) irrespective of you go for holidays or not.

In addition they don’t allow members to accumulate more than 3 years (21 days) holidays.

You won’t believe we spent very little time in resort – we were more interested in visiting Nanital & Ranikhet.

Even we spent one night in some other hotel because we thought rather than going back to resort to sleep let’s directly go from Nanital to Ranikhet.

Each day one takes 4-5 financial decisions and if not more, there is a fair chance that few of them will prove to be wrong. (If decision was wrong – cost Rs 1500-2000 if tickets bought in Royale or Rs 500-1000 if bought tickets for Executive class and additional loss of Rs 200-300 if buying Pepsi or eatables – even choosing large or small Pepsi is a financial decision – impact Rs 100 on budget) Let me also share that one decision which is blunder for one person can be a small mistake for other & for third person it may also prove to be right – again financial planner’s favorite line “it depends on person to person”.

Sometime money involved can be small for eg going for new released movie. So why I am saying Club Mahindra Membership is MY biggest mistake (in short) – because: Membership is also divided in these categories where you can utilize holiday in your season or lower.

Their annual report shows that occupancy was at 77% & if we adjust even 2% that was utilsed by nonmembers so member occupancy is at 75%.

If we compare that with number of members, it turns out to be 44%.

I visited Jim Corbett – I had bookings for 4 nights.

Upfront I am accepting that buying Club Mahindra Membership was my biggest financial mistake.

Readers may be thinking “biggest is a comparative word – that means there must be few more”. I am also a human and allowed to make some mistakes.

ASF Charges in 2011-2012 (in bracket 2010-2011) – including service tax They have a very transparent membership cancellation policy that there is 10 days free-look period – where the whole amount can be refunded but I was not allowed to use that.

After 10 days you can cancel the membership but there will be no refund – sounds similar to our favorite endowment plans.

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I would give it a fair rating if you had ads to get credits or activities to find tokens.

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Jamie was married to a lovely woman, and they had a kid together.

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* I'd like to express my gratitude to your efforts on creating such a nice piece of program and best of all it's free!