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I heard West out, but did not think there was much chance he was correct in suggesting that the Sphinx was older than its standard attribution‑‑until I got to Egypt. I have been told that Lehner's book is a "classic" in its field among devotees. and under or near the Sphinx was buried a Hall of Records that contained the records from Atlantis. Fundamental Islam bans representational art, and all civilization that predates the prophet Mohammed is considered idolatrous.

Then, much to my surprise, I discovered that West might actually be on to something, even if he got a few details wrong (but then West has no formal training as a geologist). According to Edgar Cayce, as reviewed by Lehner, the Sphinx and pyramids were built ca. To suggest that portions of the Sphinx are even older than traditionally thought, implying a sophisticated society that existed even earlier in time, only rubs salt in the open sores of fundamentalists who must face (at least until they can destroy them) the magnificent remains of pharaonic culture.

[4] Here it is not my purpose to restate the scientific evidence for an older Sphinx (interested readers are referred to the articles already cited in the footnotes, or may write to me directly at Boston University); rather, in this note I will briefly describe a few of the interesting tactics used by some of my critics in attempting to discredit my work on the Sphinx. Maspero) were open to the notion that the Sphinx may be older than the Fourth Dynasty pyramids that it seems to guard, and ancients from New Kingdom Egyptians to Romans (circa 1400 B. Yet forensic expert Frank Domingo of the New York Police Department has definitively proven that the face of the Sphinx and the face seen on signed statues of Khafre are not of the same person (4); indeed, the face of the Sphinx apparently does not pertain to the same race as the face seen on statues of Khafre (the Sphinx has a distinctive "African," "Nubian," or "Negroid" aspect which is lacking in the face of Khafre).

Schoch 1995 [A modified version of this manuscript was published in the "Fortean Times" (P. [3] My work on the Great Sphinx has also received quite a bit of attention in the popular press. D.) generally thought that the Sphinx was older than the pyramids, modern Egyptologists have galvanized around the dogma that the Great Sphinx was built by Khafre, circa 2500 B. The basis for this attribution is purely circumstantial, the strongest piece of evidence being the reputed similarity between the face of the Sphinx and the face of Khafre as seen on other statues.

Often it is a matter of choosing those 'scientific' data that best suit a particular theory, without really knowing whether they are reliable or not." Here I do not mean to posit a blanket criticism against all Egyptologists. At first they eagerly agreed to write such a piece, but after months of delay, they refused. 130‑137); and the Home Life section of THE PROVIDENCE SUNDAY JOURNAL 28 February 1993.

Rather, I believe it is important to note that the traditional methodologies used by many Egyptologists often differ in a fundamental manner from the approaches and methodologies used by practitioners in the natural sciences. Schoch, 1992, "Seismic Investigations in the Vicinity of the Great Sphinx of Giza, Egypt," Geoarchaeology: An International Journal7:6 (December 1992), 527‑544 (unfortunately an inadvertent error occurs on the first page of this article: incorrectly it is stated in passing that Khufu "reigned during the late twenty‑sixth millennium B. OMNI then published a short afterward that I had written reasserting my redating schema for the Great Sphinx, and the OMNI editors commented that Lehner and Gauri "declined" their invitation to comment on my work (see R. This is only a partial listing; reputedly the story was covered or reprinted in hundreds of papers around the world, and also mentioned on a number of radio and television shows.

I also agreed to be interviewed by the Association for Research and Enlightenment/The Edgar Cayce Foundation on the age of the Sphinx; for the published version D. Richards, 1988, Archaeological anomalies in the Bahamas.

In the tight, virtually closed world of Egyptology I soon learned otherwise. Since becoming involved in research concerning the age of the Sphinx I have discovered that I am not the only scientist to have had a less than positive initial experience when dealing with Egyptologists. West is the person who first got me involved in redating the Great Sphinx; in this article he succinctly tells the human story behind the Sphinx research.

It seemed that everything was politically and psychologically charged. [8], and that the Sphinx has some special relationship to the reputed "face on Mars" [9]. Reportedly part of Lehner's college education was subsidized by the A. Germer [16] has astutely noted that "In the past, cooperation between the natural sciences and Egyptology has not necessarily been successful in every case. , Abstracts for the 1992 Annual Meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Chicago [February 1992], p. The latter paper was an invited contribution to a symposium convened especially by the AAAS to discuss my redating of the Great Sphinx. This article also includes a sidebar and two photographs that I contributed (p.

6), by association, that my work on the Sphinx falls into the same category as that of "charlatans and sensation seekers." (as a side note, thus far Dr. Boston University consists of some fifteen Schools and Colleges, and over 2,400 faculty members; perhaps the confusion concerning my affiliation with Boston University is due to the size of the university and the number of different academic units it contains. funds and publishes much solid research on ancient Egypt [12], despite the fact that much of the research they fund or publish contradicts the Cayce readings. In the case of the age of the Sphinx, just because West might hold some unconventional views, that does not mean that his suggestion (based on the work of Schwaller de Lubicz[13] )‑‑ that the Sphinx is older than its traditional attribution‑‑cannot be used heuristically [14].

Bard has refused to debate me in person on the topic despite an invitation from a neutral branch of Boston University to arrange such a meeting) Dr. Zahi Hawass, then Director of Antiquities of the Giza Plateau and Sakkara, referred to the research as "American hallucinations" (see J. Clearly the Egyptological community was up in arms, and the easiest way to get rid of me (or so they thought) was with ad hominem attacks on my person. West's preliminary analysis into the age of the Sphinx got me started on some very serious, no‑nonsense scientific research.

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Secondly, they demonstrate that while long-run primary energy intensities exhibited a secular decline, ‘useful exergy’ intensities increased in all economies until the oil crisis, and declined thereafter.

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He spent a lot of his time with the latter and the philosopher Athenodorus.

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This could be seen as a disadvantage but, on the contrary. I waited until the Cubs' 124th game before using the phrase "next year." I even watched a WNBA game in its entirety. George Bailey is just about to jump off the bridge. As I turned on my radio after taking a shower, a news alert sounded. The ice storm knocked out all of the cable dishes so television was no option.

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Seattle also seems to have some attraction for filmmakers tackling the subject of singlehood — in the iconic “Sleepless in Seattle” and “Singles,” 1992’s ode to grunge.