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I may be wrong but this, however, didn't seem that entertaining to me. You Must watch Jealousy Incarnate, new drama from Jo Jeong Seok, he play together with queen drama Gong Hyo Jin.

At first I started watching it due to positive comments..... I mean it's funny but the plot is so convoluted and badly developed it is very incoherent. It Such a Great Drama Love Jo Jeong Seok So much !!!! Everything about this series is so addicting and lovable.

Because I think Boyoung and Jungsuk look so good together. Park Boyoung herself is so adorably cute and pretty. Love the way all the mystery is explained clearly one by one. i don't know about other kdrama because i'm new to this but just I just want to share my opinion. I like this a lot, it is not very original in my opinion. This is what I feared from the beginning and my fear came true. I really liked this drama just before the chef said he love Bongsun before she was possessed.

I can't handle it in everytime Na Bong acts cute to Kang Chef. I fell so hard when Na Bong said "Angg~" in Episode 8 during their MT. I just hope there's OMG Season 2 because I want to see Kang Chef and Na Bong get married and have cute babies. At least, tv N should make a spin-off or one special episode to show the viewers about Officer Choi and Eunhee's news, about the progress of Edward Seo who works in Sun restaurant (Seo Ingguk is the best cameo ever), and about Na Bong and Kang Chef; they do 'it' properly in the end..I just wanna say, OMG is very recommended drama. The ghosts or evil spirits appearance didn't even bother me at all. the story line and plot are really great, UNDERSTANDABLE (which is likely, every type of person can surely understand this story and not leave out any hole in the story plot ) and the actor really play the main role to this drama success, especially park bo young. episode 1 is kinda boring buttt they killed it in episode 2 up to the endd!!!! It was the stories of family and friendship that pulled me in, rather than the love line. Everything is like the usual kdrama, but this one is kinda able to grab the cute factors and not cheesy. I mean the writer did not leave enough evidence for us to believe that Chef love Na Bong long way before (beside her blogs).

Na Bong-Sun (Park Bo-Young) works as an assistant chef.

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One day, she becomes possessed by seductress ghost Shin Soon-Ae. But the character of Soon Ae is so annoying and selfish. I don't want to reveal spoilers for people who may want to watch this drama. I was watching this show n I have just finished it today.is super cool and unique, great story line, amazing characters and most of all.and Na Bong Sun's chemistry which made me cry and smile at the same time!! The character of Na Bong Sun is weak, you can see through the comments down below that many people said Chef Kang fall in love with her because of Soon Ae, I can't deny it.

Possession stories in Kdramas generally has a huge flaw of not developing the character who is being possessed well (Bong Sun in this case), and also the huge flaw of developing a romantic relationship between the spirit (Soon-ae) and a person (Sunwoo) who is bound to end up with the character who is being possessed (Bong Sun), so in the end, the relationship between the two characters who are alive (Bong Sun x Sunwoo) end up being highly underdeveloped (or have a rushed development). But I agree with the other commentators here, the show is quite funny. Very Good Job for all the staff most specially for the writers of this epic drama!! i wonder what happens to an evil spirit once the body it possessed dies? ) These are my dreams - but either way this drama is awesome! The only moments he had with the real Na bong so were only 2 times and guess who set up the momentum-the ghost The ghost helped his character grow from the rude chef with a one sided love to a warm, forgiving chef willing to let go of the past and move on to something new. she could be the new kong hyo jin, from ep1-14 n 2 more to come am happy.thank u the team of oh my me am ok with the outcome because in my head, mind and heart i have always love bo young n jung seok couple it doen't matter who is possessing who as long as bong sun and chef end up together................best couple of the yr ooh how do i move on once this series end? gosh this drama really; i cant stop thinking about it. their chemistry is overflowing...i cant believe it will come to an end, :( I hope they will be nominated on the awards day as best couple. That i anticipate every episode and I can't wait for next week for the next episode. I love this drama soo muuucchhh...bong sun, I love park bo young also in "hot young bloods " I have watch it 3 times, maybe next I'll watch it again hahaha.. yeah i hope bong sun really ends up with the chef as well.

Really, there's nothing NOTHING in this drama that I didn't like. SERIOUSLY, I loved this Kdrama, im honestly tell you, bong sun and chef kang sun woo built nice chemistry, i adore how kang sun woo act to bong sun, haha so sweet! I loved the characters and the originality of the story. After of drama My Girlfriend is Fox of Lee Seung Gi and Shi Min Ah this will be the bestest ever! This drama made me feel all the emotions that we all have. Writer Yang Hee-Seung should win an award for the screenplay and the director, Yoo Je-Won also. and will we see sung jae ssi's spirit roaming around the earth next? In summary i would say in ep 14 it is more like he started a new with a woman he barely noticed and lets face it knew at all before and after she was possessed. I think should be better they make it up to 20 episode. OMG best series eveeeeeeeeer from the leads to the supporting cast.diirector and writter thank u n i love bo young and chef will do another 20 or 30 episodes romcom or romance drama again soon. How come chef can be so sure that he loves the real BS just with visiting her grandma and remembered his little moments with the real BS. How come Chef can be so sure that he loves the real Bong Soon just with visiting her grandmother and remember his time with the real Bong Soon... You should create another momentssss (a lot of moments) with the real Bong Soon to make it happen. Kudos to t VN and to the writers, they're making really nice and good feel drama nowadays :) hope to see more dramas like this! this is the most prefered ending ever according to me...........first soon ae made a deal to have bong sun body xo as to end her grudge and find peace being with chef wasnt part of the deal that was the prize bong su was supposed to take from the soon ae started loving chef near the end epi 9 and mostly 10for me real bong sun can have the chef........ in the beginning scenes, when the chef commented on bong sun's blog, he said he felt they really connect emotionally.

i only ever saw her on running man calling the much older males uncles. i patiently watch this movie as in Whol E part of it . from now on im ur avid fan .Bo young and cho jung seok... On the flipside Boyoung x Jungsuk rather has a great chemistry, Kim Seulgi is a darling to watch. I saw many Korean TV series but most of them they end up not impressive. but im more convinced when my crush told me to watch this!!! first saw her in a werewolf movie and speedy scandal.. I never knew the actors in this series at first and didn't have high expectation at all when trailer was shown in local TV. Then, I got fond of Park Bo Young character transformation so cute yet so convincing you would believe that she's the hyper cheerful ghost. PBY acting as aggressive ghost is no nastiness but can't help to not to love her in every scenes.

but after reading many recommendations i was glad i watched this drama. another bonus is that the scriptwriter also wrote king of high school and weightlifting fairy kim bok joo and along with this drama, they all have a cute and funny, feel good quality. The 3 leads truly carried the show, but alas it was not enough. but thissss is different still I CAN'T MOVE ON, ... it was very exciting, after watching the trailer I promised my self that I would never miss any episode. Even the gang in the kitchen added to the laughter in the scene.

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